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LECTIO is devoted to the study of the intellectual history of pre-modern European thought. The centre has been established in 2010 at KU Leuven and it integrates expertise dispersed over four faculties (Arts, Theology & Religious Studies, Law and the Institute of Philosophy) and several research units.


LECTIO forms an institutional framework for interdisciplinary research around a common programme (Intellectual History), developed in a more concrete way as research on a common theme (authority) for the coming years, to be followed by other common research themes afterwards. Read more


Laboratory for Critical Text Editing

LECTIO includes a Laboratory for Critical Text Editing, which groups the philological expertise required to carry out our research. Read more








Upcoming events


2-4/12      INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE | Mirrors for Princes

02/12       KEYNOTE LECTURE  | Oswyn Murray

03/12       KEYNOTE LECTURE  | Aysha Pollnitz



9-11/03    ROUND TABLE | Sicut dicit

17/05       LECTIO CHAIR 2016 | David Sedley

18/05     DOCTORAL SEMINAR | David Sedley

29-02/12  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE Authority Revisited