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LECTIO is devoted to the study of the intellectual history of pre-modern European thought. The centre has been established in 2010 at KU Leuven and it integrates expertise dispersed over three faculties (Arts, Theology and the Institute of Philosophy) and several research units.


LECTIO forms an institutional framework for interdisciplinary research around a common programme (Intellectual History), developed in a more concrete way as research on a common theme (authority) for the coming years, to be followed by other common research themes afterwards. Read more


Laboratory for Critical Text Editing

LECTIO includes a Laboratory for Critical Text Editing, which groups the philological expertise required to carry out our research. Read more








Upcoming events


21/05/15   LECTIO CHAIR R. McKitterick | The Authority of Rome in Medieval Europe

22/05/15   DOCTORAL SEMINAR | R. McKitterick Uses and Communication of the Past

2-4/12/15  INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE | Mirrors of Princes




Conference 'Vesalius 2014' 3-4-5 December 2014

Lectio Studies in the Transmission of Texts & Ideas