24 October 2018:
'Multilateralism in Action: the UN at the EU', Conference at the occasion of United Nations Day, Leuven
26 October 2018:
Dr. Axel Marx gives a lecture on the effectiveness of voluntary sustainability standards at the European University Institute, Florence
31 October 2018:
Prof. Patrick Pasture gives a lecture on 'Critical Perspective on the "Human Rights Historical Revolution"', Leuven
31 October 2018:
Doctoral Seminar by Samuel Cogolati: "The Commons and International Law: Friends or Foes?", Leuven

5 November 2018:
Prof. Jan Wouters gives a lecture on the fight against impunity in international criminal law at American University, Washington DC

5 November 2018:
Prof. Jan Wouters gives a lunch talk on "Rule of Law Backsliding in Europe: What Should the EU Do?" at George Washington University School of Law, Washington DC

7 November 2018:
Prof. Jan Wouters gives a lecture on "The European Union as an Actor in International Law: a Force for the Good?" at American University Law School Washington College, Washington DC
8 November 2018:
Prof. Jan Wouters gives a lecture on "War and Order: The Armistice, Treaty of Versailles and Evolution of International Law", Knights of Columbus Museum, New Haven, CT

8 November 2018:
Ward Munters represents KU Leuven at the World Finals of the Falling Walls science slam competition with 'Breaking the Wall of Space Debris around Earth', Berlin

16 November 2018:
Prof. Jan Wouters gives an evening lecture on "Saving the World Trade Organization: How Realistic are the EU's Proposals?" to Leuven Alumni Chapter, New York, NY 
26 November 2018:
Prof. William Schabas gives a lunch lecture on "The Trial of the Kaiser: The Dawn of International Prosecution", University Foundation, Brussels
26 November 2018:
Prof. William Schabas gives a RECONNECT high-level evening lecture on "The Contribution of International and Supranational Courts to the Rule of Law in the EU", Royal Academy, Brussels
27 November 2018:
Prof. William Schabas gives a public evening lecture "The Trial of the Kaiser: Immunity and Impunity", Leuven 

29 November 2018:
International Workshop 'Taking Stock of Global Constitutionalism', Amsterdam

4-5 December 2018:
Prof. Jan Wouters acts as a discussant and speaker at the colloquium on the Geopolitics of Pope Francis, Leuven

11 December 2018:
Dr. Axel Marx will speak on the effectiveness of international human rights instruments to combat slavery and forced labor at the international conference on 'Human Rights Futures', Helena Kennedy Centre for International Justice, Sheffield Hallam University, Sheffield
14 December 2018:
International Conference: Can We Still Afford Human Rights? - Critical Reflections at the 70th Anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights







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