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Prof. Dr. Jan Wouters






  • Director of the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies, KULeuven
  • Director of the Institute for International Law, KULeuven
  • Jean Monnet Chair ad personam EU and Global Governance, KULeuven
  • Professor of International Law and the Law of International Organizations, KULeuven
    • Courses:
      • Internationaal en Europees Recht
      • Public International Law
      • Law of Iinternational Organizations
      • Law of the World Trade Organization
      • Humanitarian and Security Law from a European Perspective
      • Space Law and Policy
  • Visiting Professor, College of Europe (Bruges) and SciencesPo,(Paris)

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  • Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies
    KU Leuven
    Huis De Dorlodot
    Charles Deberiotstraat 34 - bus 3005
    B-3000 Leuven
  • Telephone +32 16 32 87 25
  • Fax +32 16 32 87 26
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Short Bio

Jan Wouters (°1964) is Full Professor of International Law and International Organizations, Jean Monnet Chair ad personam EU and Global Governance and Director of the Leuven Centre for Global Governance Studies and Institute for International Law at the University of Leuven (KU Leuven). In Leuven, he teaches public international law, international organizations, the law of the World Trade Organization and humanitarian and security law. As Visiting Professor at Sciences Po (Paris) and the College of Europe (Bruges) he teaches EU external relations law. He also teaches international law in the Master of Laws in International Economic Law (IELPO) at the University of Barcelona and international criminal law in the European Master’s in Human Rights and Democratisation (EMA, Venice). He is President of the Flemish Foreign Affairs Council, which advises the Flemish Government, is President of the United Nations Association Flanders Belgium, and practises law as Of Counsel at Linklaters, Brussels. He is a Member of the Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Sciences and Arts. He studied law and philosophy in Antwerp and Yale University (LLM 1990), was a Visiting Researcher at Harvard Law School and obtained his PhD at KU Leuven (1996). He taught at the Universities of Antwerp and Maastricht, was Visiting Professor at Liège and Kyushu University and Référendaire at the European Court of Justice (1991-1994). He is Editor of the International Encyclopedia of Intergovernmental Organizations, Deputy Director of the Revue belge de droit international and an editorial board member in ten international journals. He has published widely on international, EU, corporate and financial law (over 500 publications including 46 books and 90 international journal articles). Recently he published inter alia a treatise on international law (2005) and on The World Trade Organization (2007) and co-edited The European Union and Conflict Prevention (2004), Legal Instruments in the Fight Against International Terrorism (2004), The United Nations and the European Union (2006), Multilevel Regulation and the EU (2008), The Europeanisation of International Law (2008), European Constitutionalism Beyond Lisbon (2009), Belgium in the Security Council (2009) Accountability for Human Rights Violations by International Organizations (2010), Upgrading the EU’s Role as Global Actor (2011), The European Union and Multilateral Governance (2012),  International Prosecutors (2012), Informal International Lawmaking (2012), Private Standards and Global Governance  (2012), China, the European Union and Global Governance  (2012), The EU’s Role in Global Governance (2013) and National Human Rights Institutes in Europe (2013) and The Law of EU External Relations (2013). Apart from his participation in many international research networks, he advises various international organizations, trains international officials and is often asked to comment international events in the media. From June 2013 onwards he is coordinator of a large-scale FP7 Programme FRAME, “Fostering Human Rights Among European (External and Internal) Policies”.

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Full curriculum vitae (update: March 2014)

Summary curriculum vitae



Professor Wouters’ current research agenda includes 1) the relationship between global multilateral organizations, such as the United Nations and the World Trade Organization, and the European Union; 2) accountability of international organizations; 3) multilevel regulatory interactions between global, European and national/subnational rules and standards, including private standards; 4) the contribution of the European Union to the international rule of law.

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