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25 April 2014:

Lecture by Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri, The Indian Elections of  April-May 2014, Leuven.

28 April 2014:

Lecture by Frank Vandenbroucke, The Social Challenge and the End of European Social Welfare?, Leuven.

29 April 2014:

Lecture by Prof. Pieter Jan Kuijper, The Practice of International Trade Law: Banana, Tuna, Asbestos and White Knights in Geneva and Doha, Leuven.

29 April 2014:

Workshop: Parliaments in the EU: their reaction to the Eurozone crisis and  new trends in inter-parliamentary cooperation, Rome.

30 April 2014:

Seminar organized in co-operation with the Europa Institute of the University of Edinburgh, Scotland and Flanders in the EU: Discussion Seminar, Leuven.


8 May 2014:

GGS Seminar by Katrien Meuwissen, The European Union at the UN Human Rights Council: Multilateral Human Rights Protection Coming of Age?, Leuven.

8 May 2014:

Debate: Europese gedachten. Beschouwingen over de toekomst van de Europese Unie, Leuven. (in Dutch)

15 May 2014:

GGS Seminar by Irina Petrova, EU-Russia Cooperation: Lost Between the European Neighborhood Policy, the Strategic Partnership and a Pragmatic Approach, Leuven.

21 May 2014:

Seminar by Dr. Abha Chatterjee, Indian women at the workplace, Leuven.

22 May 2014:

GGS Seminar by Pierre Schmitt, Subsidiarity and Regional Governance in the EU, Leuven.

29-31 May 2014:

2nd Manfred Lachs Conference on Global Space Governance, Montreal.

2 June 2014:

Conference: Governing Global Challenges: G7, G8, G20, Egmont Palace, Brussels. - (More information to follow)

4-6 June 2014:

International Conference: Power and Representation, Leuven.

12 June 2014:

GGS Seminar by Dr. Kim Christiaens, The Chilean Factor. The European Mobilization against Pinochet and the International History of Human Rights Activism in the 1970s and 1980s, Leuven.

30 June 2014:

International Conference: The Rule of Law as a Strategic Priority in the EU's External Action, Brussels.

18-30 August 2014:

Sixth Euro-Asia Summer School: EU-East Asia Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation in Global Governance, Tokyo and Leuven.

29-30 September 2014:

AHRI Human Rights Conference, Human Rights under Pressure: Exploring Norms, Institutions and Policies, Copenhagen - (More info will follow soon)


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