Upcoming Events

24 November 2015:

Workshop 'Business and Human Rights', Leuven. On Invitation only

26 November 2015:

GGS co- organizes Ius Commune Workshop: 'Trade, Taxation and Investment Protection: What about Societal Values?', Leuven.

26 November 2015:

Academic Session on the occasion of Indian Constitution Day 2015: 'Federalism in India: Comparative and European Perspectives', Leuven.

26 November 2015:

Prof. Jan Wouters speaks at UNIDO LDC Conference, Vienna

27 November 2015:

GGS co-organizes Ius Commune Workshop: 'External Effects of EU Law', Leuven.

27 November 2015:

FRAME Lunch Event: Lecture by Prof. Jean Paul Jacqué on The EU’s Accession to the European Convention on Human Rights: Life After Opinion 2/13, Brussels.

30 November 2015:

GGS seminar by Prof. Dr. Katja Biedenkopf, EU Climate Diplomacy,Leuven.

2 December 2015:

Autumn Lecture Series: The United Nations at 70: Achievements and Challenges, lecture by Prof.Dr. Rüdiger Wolfrum, 'The UN and the Governance of the Global Commons’, Leuven.

3 December 2015:

JMCE Lecture on The EU and its Strategic Partnerships, Lecture by Prof. Dr. Rajendra Jain: 'India-EU Strategic Partnership: Perceptions and Prospects', Leuven.

7 December 2015:

Prof. Jan Wouters speaks at EUI Conference on TTIP, Florence, Italy.

8 December 2015:

Doctoral Defense by Sven Van Kerckhoven, Dispute Settlement in International Trade: an Economic Analysis of the WTO DSU, Leuven.

10 December 2015:

GGS Seminar by Prof. Centner, Choosing Animal Food Products: A Rising Tide of Precaution, Leuven.

10 December 2015:

Autumn Lecture Series: The United Nations at 70: Achievements and Challenges, lecture by Prof. Dr. John Kirton, 'The UN, Global Economic Governance, and the G20', Leuven.

10 December 2015:

Twin lecture by Prof. Dr. Cyrille Fijnaut and Prof. Dr. Jan Wouters, The European Union Under Siege. Security Challenges for Europe and the EU’s Ability to Cope With Them, more information to follow.

11 December 2015:

Workshop 'Human rights in EU Trade and Development Policies: Following the Silver Thread', Brussels.

17 December 2015:

JMCE Lecture on The EU and its Strategic Partnerships, Lecture by Herman Van Rompuy: 'The EU’s Strategic Partnerships & EU Crisis Management', Leuven.

18-19 February 2016:

International Conference: 'Parliamentary Cooperation and Diplomacy in Europe and beyond – Theories, Practices and Comparisons', Brussels.

22-23 February 2016:

International Conference: 'Global Commons, Global Public Goods and Global Democracy', Leuven.


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