Upcoming Events

20-21 October 2016:

International Conference on Business and Human Rights, Seville

20-21 October 2016:

3rd IASC Conference on Knowledge Commons in Sciences Po, Paris

21 October 2016:

Lunch Lecture by Ambassador Wim Van de Voorde, “The UN Agencies in Vienna: Technical Work in the Service of Peace”, Brussels

24 October 2016:

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Frank Vandenbroucke on 'Social Policy in a Monetary Union: Puzzles,
Paradoxes and Perspectives' in the Master of European Studies 2016-2017 Lecture Series, Leuven

16-25 October 2016:

Dr. Matthieu Burnay will participate in the 2016 Asian Forum on Global Governance organized by the Observer Research Foundation and the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, New-Delhi

25 October 2016:

Prof.Dr. Jan Wouters speaks at International Conference "G20 and BRICS - new global governance institutions", Moscou

26 October 2016:

Prof. Dr. Jan Wouters gives a lecture “BREXIT: Geopolitical Earthquake or Much Ado about Nothing?” at RANEPA, Moscou

27 October 2016:

Axel Marx and Arjun Sharma give an ISEAL Alliance Webinar on Voluntary sustainability standards and effectiveness: Mapping the field and Issues. The webinar, from 2 to 3pm, is open to everybody.
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24 November 2016:

Samuel Cogolati will participate in the workshop "The Law of the Commons" at the University of Zürich

28 November 2016:

Lecture by Prof. Dr. Karen E. Smith on 'EU Member States at the UN: A Case of
Europeanisation Arrested?' in the Master of European Studies 2016-2017 Lecture Series, Leuven

1-2 December 2016:

12th International Conference of the French Development Agency on the Commons and Development, Paris

6 December 2016:

FRAME workshop on The European Union, Latin America and Human Rights: achievements, challenges and opportunities, Lima

15 December 2016:

Lecture by Mr. Peter Elson on Space Insurance and Risk Management, Leuven


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In June 2010, the Centre was recognized as KU Leuven Centre of Excellence. Since then, it has launched a 7-year research programme on ‘Global Governance and Democratic Government’ (2010-2017), which aims at the construction of a new paradigm for democratic global governance.

Leuven Global Governance series

The Leuven Global Governance series, published by Edward Elgar Publishing, comprises high-quality monographs and edited volumes dedicated to innovative research on global governance.