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3 July 2015:

Presentation by Prof. Dr. Jan Wouters at the European Parliament Seminar on the Legal aspects of the New generation of Free Trade Agreements, with focus on TTIP, Brussels.

14-24 July 2015:

Summer School 'Parliamentary Democracy in Europe', Rome.

15 July 2015:

Lecture by by Dr. Sebastián López Escarcena, First Peru and Now Bolivia: The Chilean Cases before the ICJ, Leuven.

17-30 August 2015:

Seventh Euro-Asia Summer School: EU-East Asia Bilateral and Multilateral Cooperation in Global Governance, Seoul and Leuven.

26 August 2015:

Doctoral Defense by Haye Hazenberg, Cosmopolitan Sovereign Equality, A Theory of Global Justice and Global Governance, Leuven.


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KU Leuven Centre of Excellence

In June 2010, the Centre has been recognized as KU Leuven Centre of Excellence. Since then, it has launched a 7-year research programme on ‘Global Governance and Democratic Government’ (2010-2017), which aims at the construction of a new paradigm for democratic global governance.

Leuven Global Governance series

The Leuven Global Governance series, published by Edward Elgar Publishing, comprises high-quality monographs and edited volumes dedicated to innovative research on global governance.


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